Why I stopped being religious … and why I don’t believe in religion


I stopped being religious a couple of years ago,  and I can´t imagine myself ever again being part of any religious group. I already wrote a bit about it some time ago (On being a non religious scientist and believing in Christmas).   It is something that happened one day.   It was like a switch that was switched off. I don’t think it will ever be switched on again.

The events this week reminded me of why this happened to me.

A christian couple, who beat up one son to death and almost killed  the second one in a church with the help of other church members, so they would confess their sins.

A pregnant Palestinian and her child, who  died in Israeli air raid. Palestinian teenagers being killed by Israeli police. Palestinian teenagers and young men stabbing Israeli people.  A war that does have an end, where each part is as guilty as its counterpart.

Since the day my eyes opened up, several years ago,  I can’t take anymore all the silly excuses people use to protect their religion – from pedophile priests and corrupt churches, to people who brainwash children to blow themselves on saint wars, or to people who occupy countries, and deny the occupied people the right for water, electricity or medication. I can´t believe in religions who claim that they are superior to others, who use people to oppress and kill others, even their own children. Religions and religious groups are just like any other form of power, who use people for their intents, who manipulate them, even for evil things, with the promise of any form of eternal life!

Religion should not be like that.

Religion should bring the best out of people.

Religion should make the world a better place …

Pity that actually it makes the world a worse place …


Germany does not really welcome you!

A refugee boat intercepted in the Mediterranean last year.512px-Flag_map_of_Germany.svg

Since a few months ago, Europe has been assaulted with an increasing number of refugees crossing the Mediterranean. Most are young people, men and women, children travelling alone. They are running away from Africa, Middle East, from famine and mostly from war. They pay fortunes (sometimes even $10,000) to human traffickers for a passage to Europe, a very complicated and long route ending almost always in a sinking boat. Once in boat, there is no shelter, no food, no water, no protection. No protection from the weather conditions, but also from robbers, buglers, rapers. Not rarely, the smugglers just abandon the boat during trip, leaving the people at the mercy of the sea.  Frequently is a trip to death. Numerous ships filled with hundreds of migrants have sank and all people died. In Europe, the opinion is divided. Some say these people are just opportunists, trying to get “easy” money from the European governments. They say Europe can’t receive all of them, that there is no place for so many people. Others, agree a solution must be found. Europe can’t close its eyes to so much suffering, despair and death at its doors.

Germany is one of the most desired destinations for the migrants. And, Germany has been receiving thousands of them. In Germany, they are put in temporary shelters. Asylum-seekers who have a reduced chance of of getting the refugee status are put in shelters close to the borders. They are bound not to stay long. The others are gathered in temporary shelters. There is surveillance in most of this places, and people have no real freedom. More, there have been several cases of mistreatment reported. As an asylum-seeker you are forbidden to work for 3 whole years. Therefore, even if the people want to be integrated, and have a job, there is no real chance! After 3 years there is a high probability that the government sends them back to their country, or to a neighboring country, e.g., to a refugee camp. However, this is not the only problem asylum-seekers face in Germany. With a large fraction of the population opposing the entrance of the migrants, xenophobic actions are very common. There are websites registering the location of shelters homes. This information is used by all kind of people, in particular, by those with foul intentions. Numerous of these shelters have been set on fire and destroyed. There have been demonstrations against the migrants. Yes, Germany is an wealthy country. Yes, Germany could receive a large proportion of of the migrants. However, a large part of the population is actually against receiving them. In such a xenophobic environment, lack of compassion and lack of will to help the refugees someone should let the refugees know about it. It is sad, but … Germany does not really welcome you!