There is always someone to hate …


The history of mankind is a history of war and hatred. It has been so in the past. So it is in the present.  Hatred to the jews and all the minorities was the base for the nazis to start a campaign of extermination and war. Unfortunately history is always repeating itself, because mankind doesn´t seem to learn with its own mistakes. The reason is that in every country there is always someone to hate – a minority, another ethnic group, another religion, immigrants, people with darker or lighter skin, etc, etc. I know that in every country there is always such a group – doesn´t matter how tolerant people are in general- there is always a group to hate and to blame for all the bad things that happen: the lack of jobs, criminality, the crisis, etc. In Germany, these are the Turks, in the US, people coming from South America and everyone with darker skin, in South Africa, for the european descendants, these are the people with darker skin, for the natives, the Europeans with light skin, in India, for the higher casts these are the lower casts, in Portugal, the gipsies, in the UK, the people from Pakistan and India, in Israel, for the jews these are the Palestinians, and the list just goes on….

I can tolerate many things but racism and xenophobia, I simply can´t.  I worry particularly about the world when I listen to the news. First was Switzerland, holding a referendum about restricting  immigration, which won with a small margin, setting a precedent in Europe. Now is the UK trying to set up a new immigration law, restricting the movement of immigrants and their benefits once they settle in the UK. I find the new speech of David Cameron a big danger to Europe and the World. He´s trying to convince everyone that immigrants are trouble makers and a financial burden.  The financial burden for the UK is actually not true – immigrants have brought billions of pounds income. Sure, some have taken advantage of the system, but so have the native British –  there are good and bad people everywhere. Look at the example of so many British families who have lived on the Dole for several generations.  The new laws David Cameron wants to pass are clearly discriminatory, xenophobic and go against the EU laws of free movement and equality of EU citizens.

This week has also been marked by the death of a 12-year-old, shot by police in the US. He was just a child playing with a fake gun. In the released video, police doesn´t even bother to ask questions – they just shot him straight away. If the boy had pale skin, would they have shot him as they did? The answer is most probably not. The same holds for the policeman who killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, who was cleared out in court this week. What I find really shameful is that he came to TV showing no remorse whatsoever. Even if you kill someone to protect you life (which seems doubtful in his case), if you value human life and you respect everyone the same then you should feel really bad about it. Unless of course you think the person you killed is worth less than you.

It is sad to see how nowadays  hate still rules the world, and how people still try to blame minorities or any “others” for all problems that come up.  Afterall, we are all the same, doesn´t matter what color of skin, religion, nationality we have. We are all citizens of the world and everyone just wants to be happy.



I usually do not watch much TV or follow TV series. I always seem to get bored. It is even worse for TV series. In general, after 2-3 episodes, maximum 1 season, I can´t stand it anymore.  I will always find a problem: from a story which takes too long to develop, to irritating characters, too superficial, etc, etc. That also happened when I first watched the TV series glee from Fox. That was my impression until I recently watched it again.

To my surprise, I found that glee was actually a great series! It is much more than the beautiful songs and choreography – and that alone is already brilliant. I think what I noted first is that the young actors all had a fantastic voice, but in contrast to the typical film characters they are not beautiful. Sure, some of them are very attractive and cute, but others…well others are just normal, or even a bit ugly – just like in real life! What I like about glee is that REAL problems are treated there. I have seen episodes dealing with sickness, death, religion, choosing and accepting your sexual orientation, teenage pregnancy, bullying, disability, OCD, amongst others. Glee teaches acceptance of everyone – irrespective of your skin color, if your are gay or lesbian, if you are a foreigner or not, if you are fat or thin, beautiful or ugly, disabled or not – in the glee club everyone is accepted just the way they are.

Glee is one of the top series I have ever watched so far. It makes you laugh – it makes you cry at times – it makes you think about life – and on top of it you love to see them singing and dancing!

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the best, Glee gets a 10! I can only recommend it! Well done!