New Year – new chances


My backyard over the holidays.

New Year, time to review the year that just passed, to evaluate it and …  make new wishes and perhaps some changes. If you don’t want to feel at a certain point of your life that you wasted a lot of time and, even your life, then you should be brave enough to do it once in a while thoroughly. Of course, the issue is how deep you should go – I think the deeper, the better. Only in such a way you will ask yourself:

Am I happy with my way of life now? Do I see myself in a few years happy with my way of life? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then it is time to start doing something about it … The important thing is to identify where the bottleneck of your happiness is. Frequently the bottleneck is in your job. I read recently that only 11% of the Germans are really engaged in their job – 23% have in their inside already quit the job and 66% only do what is absolutely necessary to keep it. That explains why when I go to work I only see “long faces”  in the public transports. I guess most people must hate their jobs. I also  wonder once in a while about my job as a scientist. I really like the research topics I am working on, however, after more than 15 years doing research certain things start being too heavy on me: the need to work constantly at 150%, the need to proof permanently that you are the best, the constant dissatisfaction of your superiors and even of yourself with your work, the lack of permanent positions, the need apply permanently for funding for your research and even for your own position, the need to be always available to work late in the evenings, weekends, the need to be relocating all the time. When I was younger doing my PhD or postdoc all those things were fine. I was younger, I had more energy, I must admit, and things were exciting, including the need to relocate all the time. However, now I start wishing a new way of life. Above all what I wish myself for this year is TIME: time to enjoy a cup of coffee without stress, – time to look out the window and see the trees, – time to enjoy the feeling of the wind blowing on your hair, – time to just to sit together with the ones you love and enjoy the company, – time plain time … just to enjoy life without looking at the watch.


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